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Palmer Port, 2000

Single Harvest Tawny Port

A 50cl bottle of 2000 vintage Colheita Port Wine from Palmer Port. This is exclusive to Vintage Wine & Port.
This rare Port Wine has been stored in seasoned oak casks since the 2000 harvest until it was bottled this year. This is an outstanding example of an aged tawny.

Tasting Notes: The 2000 Port from Palmer has a light oak colour. Much elegance on the nose with orange peel, walnuts, figs and a touch of honey. On the palate, there is a lightness that is balanced by good acidity. This port wine delivers a beautiful flavour supported by a long, long finish. Outstanding.

The wine is ready to drink and does not require decanting.

Price: £29.95 (60 in Stock)

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Palmer Port

20 Year Old Tawny Port
VWP exclusive | Was £34.95 | Now £24.95

The outstanding Palmer 20 year old Tawny Port - exclusive to VWP.

Tasting Notes: The Palmer 20 Year tawny has a pronounced aroma intensity that is very rich with nuts and baked cherry. There is further complexity of nutmeg and cream. On the palate the wine is very balanced between acidity and sweetness that gives a luxurious mouthfeel. Lovely richness of fruitcake, fig, baked plum, caramel and toffee. There are also notes of plum, cherry, cooked strawberry. This port has a lovely, rich long finish.

The wine is ready to drink and does not require decanting. The bottle should be kept upright protected from direct sunlight.

Price: £24.95 (31 in Stock)

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20 Years of Tawny Port

Fonseca & Burmester 20 Year Old Tawny Ports (2x75cl), both ports come in a double leather effect gift box with silk liner.

This gift comprises of two of the best 20 Year Old Tawny ports on the market. It offers a nice comparative tasting of a Fonseca vs. Burmester tawny, with both scoring above 90 points.

Fonseca 20 Year Old tawny
*** 94 Points - Wine Spectator ***
Fonseca 20 Year Old Tawny is deep amber in colour with russet highlights. Its superb bouquet is a complex marriage of ripe, plummy, mature fruit, warm spicy overtones of cinnamon and butterscotch and subtle oak nuances.

Burmester 20 Year Old Tawny
***Gold medal Decanter World Wine Awards,2015***
***90 Points- Outstanding, Aggregated critic score***
Burmester 20 Year Old Tawny Port has plenty of sweet fruits and ripe dark brown sugar and raisins.

Price: £89.95 (6 in Stock)

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Sandeman Port, 2000

225th Anniversary Special Edition Vintage Port Collection
6 Individually boxed Ports from the 2000 Vintage.

To celebrate Sandeman’s 225th anniversary, here is a very special limited edition case of 2000 Vintage Sandeman Port. A mere 225 cases have been produced and each includes 6 unique labels telling the story of Sandemans. The bottles are presented in a crafted wooden box, once again unique to this release. A wonderful choice for any port lover.

The Word, The Spirit, The Journey, The Craft, The Pioneer, The Hat & Cape

Each specially designed label tells of a different story relating to each pillar of the House of Sandeman ethos. Together when combined in the beautifully crafted special edition wooden case help bring the history and heritage of this most prestigious House to life.

Price: £495.00 (4 in Stock)

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2000 Chateau de la Riviere

Special Offer | Was 37.95 | Now £25

This wine from the outstanding 2000 vintage is concentrated and fresh. Holding up well and just past its peak. Chocolate, plumbs and spices with a good finish. Nice oak integration with a medium body and finish.

Price: £25.00 (6 in Stock)

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2000 Chateau Moulin Haut Villars , 2000

Includes FREE Gift Box with Accessories Special Offer | Was £34.95 | Now £27.50

A great value mature Bordeaux from an outstanding 2000 wine vintage. This wine is deep red, with browning on the rim. The palate shows a medium-bodied wine, melted tannins and similar complex flavours as the nose. This is a solid wine from a very good vintage and represents great value.

Price: £27.50 (26 in Stock)

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2000 Fonseca Port, 2000

Vintage Port
Includes FREE Gift Box with Accessories

*** 95 Points Robert Parker ***
*** 95 Points Wine Journal ***

Fonseca vintage ports are noted for their luscious fruitiness which develops great opulence and complexity with age. These are released only when a year produces outstanding wines with long term ageing potential. These classic vintage ports are a blend of wines from three distinctive vineyards, Cruzeiro, Santo Antonio and Panascal. Each of these contribute characteristics such as concentrated black fruit flavours with a firm tannic “grip”, opulent luscious fruitiness and dense velvety texture with flavour complexity and vibrancy of colour followed by a fine scented character and fresh acidity.

Price: £79.95 (21 in Stock)

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2000 Kopke Single Harvest (colheita) Port , 2000

Colheita Port (Includes Kopke presentation box)

Kopke Port is the oldest port house. Established in 1638 by Christiano Kopke and his son, Nicolau Kopke (who came to Portugal as representatives of the Hanseatic League, the House of Kopke is the eldest Porto wine export firm. Through many generations, the Company was run by several representatives of the Kopke family, obtaining an excellent reputation for its wines.
Intense brown colour with brick hints. Rich and concentrated bouquet, full of dried fruits well combined with a refined touch of spices. In the mouth it is smooth and velvety and reveals an harmonious structure and a large engagement.

Price: £42.50 (35 in Stock)

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Barbera del Monferrato, 2000

Bricco Mondalino

This 2000 Barbera del Monferrato has a deep ruby hue and a bouquet of ripe plum and cherries, often piqued by a hint of black pepper. Barbera-based wines are known for retaining a balanced acidity even in warmer vintages, making them an ideal partner to tomato-based dishes. These wines are lower in tannin, making them more approachable in their early years. Barbera from Monferrato differs from that made in Asti or Alba in both its provenance and style. Where Alba and Asti produce strongly structured wines, their Monferrato equivalents are more aromatic and often a little less robust.

Price: £29.00 (1 in Stock)

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Barros Port

20 Year Old Tawny Port in individual gift box

The 20 year old Barros port is a true Portuguese tawny port with a fine, delicate nuttiness. The extended barrel maturation has produced a wine with complex flavours that show subtle 'fruitcake richness'.
It has a flavour of raisins, prunes, cherries a little cinnamon. The mouth feel is quite light, approachable and drinkable. The finish is very long - this is an excellent wine.

Price: £36.95 (22 in Stock)

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